Reading Group

We will have two reading groups between the time when participants are notified that they have been accepted and the workshop date. These reading groups will require attendance at two one-hour remote session dedicated to discussing readings sent to the participants beforehand to prepare participants for the types of conversations that will be facilitated during the workshop.

The goal of these conversations is to create recommendations for considering the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexual orientation in participatory design research. Suggested readings and resources will include peer-reviewed literature and works published through other mediums such as personal documents, Medium blogs, Ted Talks, and Zines. The spectrum of source types will provide a deeper, holistic understanding of both research and personal experiences related to this important subject matter. Transcripts for the meetings will be provided to all participants for accessibility and to review following the meeting.

Timeline of Reading Group Activities:

  • March 20, 2022 - Reading group materials are sent to participants

  • 4 Weeks Before CHI 2022 - First remote reading group session (focuses on Gender and Sexual Orientation in HCI)

  • 2 Weeks Before CHI 2022 - Second remote reading group session (focuses on Race and Intersectionality in HCI)